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Fissures vs. hemorrhoids??

Posted by Project NEON on May 27, 2014 3:02 PM

Anal fissures vs. hemorrhoids: what's the difference?

Check out Dr. Dick's latest article Prince Uranus:


Prince Uranus

The latest from the peer educator blog

Posted by Project NEON on May 14, 2014 2:01 PM



1. Get rid of the fucking cell-phone!

2. Don't chew gum while cruising.

3. Don't walk around eating food like you're in a theme park.

4. Don't have "grabby hands." This is especially problematic for well-endowed

men who like to show it off. A few obnoxious guys view well-endowed men who have their merchandise on display as an open invitation to "grab" the goods. Don't grab anyone anywhere unless you have been "invited" to do so. "Grabby hands" causes well-endowed men to keep themselves covered which denies the rest of us the sight of their natural wonders.

5. Don't be a stalker. There is nothing more annoying than a guy who "tailgates" you and follows you everywhere. We all have favorite guys we like to "shadow" so that we "coincidentally" happen to arrive at the steam room the same time they do. Don't be too obvious and don't stare like you're a serial killer. Wait for the right moment. Be cool. "Shadow" but don't stalk!

6. Reject guys nicely. When a troll or other substandard entity dares to make a play for someone as fabulous as you are don't take it as an insult. Don't think that because a troll thought he might have a chance with you that you have lost rank in the gay pecking- order and that you must react with anger to regain your status. Please try to reject him as nicely as possible. The fact is that some-times we all get lucky and occasionally score with a guy who is out of our league. Don't knock a guy for trying.

7. Too many blow-jobs can give you bad breath. Rinse with mouthwash between tricks.

8. Remember-SHOWER! You should shower before and after each trick. Don't become one of those guys who is unaware of his stench and causes others to run away from him.

9. If you're a bottom-- clean downtown until there is no brown. Nothing can ruin the moment more quickly than pulling out and finding out that you now have a dirty dip stick.

10. Even if your're not a bottom clean your bum so you don't leave

skid marks.

11. Snip,Snip here and a Snip, Snip there. TRIM specific areas- Pits, Nose,

Ears, Whoo-Who & BaDonkaDonk areas. the "Cousin IT" look is not cute.

12. Don't bring Sand to the Beach! This means not to bring your partner, lover, etc.. with you to the bathhouse unless the both of you have a good understanding about your relationship. It's not a cute thing when partners fight and argue at the baths because while one partner was sleeping the other partner was creeping.

13. Open Door Policy. Just because someone's door is open that doesn't give you the right to just walk in because you feel that you can. At least say hello for starters and then ask if you can enter. Remember, an open door doesn't always mean that you're welcome to come in.


Play safe and happy hunting guys!!!!!!!!

Today is International Harm Reduction Day!

Posted by Project NEON on May 7, 2014 1:53 PM

Today is International Harm Reduction Day!
Project NEON is proud to be in year 21 of providing HIV-prevention services based on the principles of harm reduction.
Thank you to our peer educators who provide 1:1 needle exchange; risk reduction supplies like clean injection equipment and assorted condoms and lubes; and referrals and advocacy to their peers. You are invaluable!!

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