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Posted by Project NEON on July 7, 2014 12:28 PM

Check out this great article on peer mentorship and education, posted on

Someone Who's Sailed the Same Seas: On Peer Mentorship and HIV

By Logan Broeckaert

From Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

When Matthew Beasley was diagnosed with HIV in 2012, he had many questions about the illness and needed support. "I didn't know what a CD4 cell was. I didn't know what 'viral load' or 'undetectable' meant," says the 32-year-old graduate psychology student from Vancouver. And Beasley isn't alone. Most people newly diagnosed with HIV face a steep learning curve: There's much to know about the virus, treatment, how to disclose, how to stay healthy, safer sex and self-acceptance. Who better to help than someone who has sailed the same waters?

Read on...Someone Who's Sailed the Same Seas

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