FAQ - Project Neon


What is Project NEON?
Project NEON (Needle and Sex Education Outreach Network) is an HIV-prevention community-level intervention that targets gay, bisexual, and trans men who use or have used crystal methamphetamine in Seattle & King County. NEON is a program of Seattle Counseling Service (SCS).


What is SCS?
Since 1969, Seattle Counseling Service (for Sexual Minorities) has been providing mental health counseling and chemical dependency treatment to LGBTQ individuals.


What is LGBTQ?
LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer/Questioning individuals.


Where are you located?
Our address is 1216 Pine Street. We are located on the corner of Pine Street and Melrose Avenue, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.


What are your hours?
Our offices are open Monday through Thursday 8am-8pm and Friday 8am-5pm. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.


How much do services cost?
All services through Project NEON are FREE.


What is harm reduction?
Harm reduction is a set of practical strategies that reduce negative consequences of drug use, incorporating a spectrum of strategies from safer use, to managed use to abstinence. Harm reduction strategies meet drug users "where they're at," addressing conditions of use along with the use itself.


Do I have to quit using to participate in Project NEON services?
No, Project NEON is designed to give you unbiased, nonjudgmental information about taking care of yourself.


Who do I contact for more information?

Aleks Martin, Program Coordinator amartin@seattlecounseling.org
Morgan Jade, Health Educator morganj@seattlecounseling.org

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