AmphetaZINE is a harm reduction publication for gay and bisexual men who shoot crystal. Itís not for anyone else, so please keep it in the family. If you are trying to quit crystal or have quit, this AZ might trigger you. Donít hesitate to talk to a NEON Peer Educator, or call a NEON Counselor at 206.323.1768 for further support! AZ contains accurate and up to date health information - rely on it. We donít promote crystal use, just healthy users. The personal stories and creative work of our readers reflect diverse voices. We like it that way. AZ is always free and comes out four times a year. You can get a copy from NEON Peer Educators, Seattle Counseling Service, Steamworks, Basic Plumbing, The Eagle, or the Capitol Hill Needle Exchange. Or email us and weíll hook you up!

Amphetazine #60

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