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Jail Sex

Dear Dr. Dick,
I'm writing to you from my cell - long story, basically got caught with possession and accused of intent to sell.

Anyway - as you can imagine - I'm horny as hell with all the hunky men around me and the idea of having them in me - just blows my mind! Literally!

But, now that I haven't been using - I'm sorta getting clearer and feeling like I've put myself at risk with barebacking in jail.

What should I worry about? I try to read up on things - so far, no nasty drainage or sores from the guys I've fucked around with - I'm assuming I'm safe.

Mr. Jail House Rock

Dear MJHR,
Let's set aside the cliché first - "Don't ASSume" - it only makes an ASS of U & ME.

Risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STD), especially HIV is going to be high since rates of HIV among inmates are higher than outside. And I can assume you didn't use protection, as it's NOT very common to have condoms distributed in the jail system. Some prison officials argue that having condoms available only increases sexual activity and STD infections.

But, I'm an advocate of harm reduction - condoms, condoms, condoms! Get tested, get tested, get tested!

Luckily, HIV/STD testing is available within the King County Jail - take advantage of this free service. If you are infected, services are available to get it treated right away.

Sometimes people who are infected and are infectious may not show immediate symptoms. But, do you really need another thing to worry about?

Why not practice playing with yourself? Wash your hands good - and get a finger or two up in your asshole while jacking off.

Another safer option is to watch each other get off. Of course, ask around to avoid any issues with the wardens. You wouldn't want to stop in the moment of climax!

To some, having bareback sex is the ultimate fantasy - but is it really worth getting it and then some syphilis on your cock, chlamydia in your ass, gonorrhea in your mouth - and maybe hepatitis, too?

Be on your best behavior, and straighten your legal matters so you can actually get out of there - and enjoy sex where condoms, lube and cum towels are in abundance!

And if you're still itching for that "scene," rent a video or two - that's another safer option for that visual kink you might crave.

-Dr. Dick

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