Dear Dr. Dick,
I've been in a semi-monogamous relationship. My boyfriend and I have been playing with a third guy for the past year. It's been a different guy several times. We try to play safe, wear condoms, but sometimes we slip. We get tested every 6 months for HIV & STD's. But I've noticed these bumps on my butt. I think they're just skin tags. My boyfriend says they're nothing and to not worry and be so paranoid. Well, I am worried and paranoid! What am I to do?
--Nervous As Hell

Dear NAH,
It sounds like there are few things going on with you, your boyfriend and your sexual life. I'm not a therapist, but COMMUNICATION IS KEY. Always keep an open communication with your partners. So everyone knows what's going on, sexually and otherwise, especially with PLAYING SAFE.

In a better world, it would be nice to have a consistent third sex partner, who is both HIV/STD Negative and has SAFE SEX with you and your partner.

  • So, ALWAYS USE PROTECTION: Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex & Anal Sex.
  • If there's unprotected anal sex, you and your partner(s) should get tested more frequently. Every 3 months would be best.
  • Try to go to the same place, especially if they are COOL with your sexual history & lifestyle.

Now to the BUMPS on your BUTT. It's not possible to tell just from what you describe. They could be skin tags, fissures or just plain unusual folds. BUT (pun intended), they could also be anal warts. The BEST way is to see a doctor, a provider at the local STD clinic or a specialist like a proctologist, who can BEST ASSess your symptoms. At the very least, get tested for STDs.

Warts, caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) can sometimes creep behind you without warning and could be what you're noticing! Sometimes, you may have been infected a while, but symptoms might not show up until weeks or even months afterwards. And warts are easily transmissible through genital contact, especially without condom protection.

Other than feeling these around your butt, generally warts are painless. Guys (& girls) often ignore symptoms without annoying pain or overt physical signs.

Typical signs are wart-like growths in the butthole, and sometimes inside the anus. They appear white at the tips or flesh colored, raised or flat. If in bundles, they appear cauliflower-like. They may bleed with irritation with bowel movement or just wiping yourself. Don't wait for bleeding! As soon as physical signs show, SEE a DOCTOR! Only a doctor can diagnose you, and of course it's hard to see your own butt.

Treatment can be as easy as cryo-laser (freezing with laser), surgically removing the warts or using anti-viral ointment treatment. There is no treatment to remove the virus in your system. Once you're infected, you're infected for life. But symptoms can be managed. So, try always to condoms consistently and correctly, communicate clearly, and play safe.

To manage your worry & paranoia, see a doctor!
--Dr. Dick

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