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Living Longer and Better with new HIV Medications

Thanks to recent advances in HIV treatment, many HIV+ people are living longer and healthier lives. Some HIV+ people have found a new lease on life and have returned to work after years of being "retired." Now, many doctors look forward to telling their patients that their blood tests show undetectable levels of the HIV virus. Or, that their T-cell counts have stopped dropping and have even started to increase.

So, everything is hunky-dory, right? Sadly, this is not the case. For some, the new treatments have not worked at all or only for a short while. For others, the medications have had serious side effects and have caused health problems like kidney stones, diarrhea, and other conditions. HIV medications make some people feel tired, depressed, or just plain bad. Some HIV medications need to be refrigerated, taken at a specific time, or consumed with or without a particular food. So, if you're a dedicated party boy, staying on an HIV treatment plan can be a hard thing to do... unless you've planned out how you're going to do it.