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Party Drugs and HIV/STDs

Most party drugs can have analgesic or pain-killing effects. This can be a plus for some because it can make getting fucked easier. But remember that the opening of the anus and the lining of the rectum are very sensitive to cuts, tearing, and bruising. This is especially true if you get fucked harder than usual or for longer periods of time. It's especially true if you get fisted. And, crystal and other stimulant party drugs raise the temperature of your body. Since your body will try to cool itself off through sweat and perspiration, the water reserves in your body will get used up and you will become dehydrated. Without enough water, your body's natural lubricants in your mucous membranes will dry out. These mucous membranes, like those in the lining of your mouth and ass, will become more delicate and more likely to tear, break, or crack. These small openings in your skin make it easier for viruses or bacteria to get into your body.

If you're HIV+, the risk of getting STDs like herpes is greater than if your immune system wasn't compromised. If you, your partner(s), or you and your partner(s) are HIV+, unprotected sex can still cause more problems when other viruses or bacteria find their way into your bloodstream. Other viral or bacterial infections can wear down your body's immune system. So, HIV disease may progress more quickly that it normally would.