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What You Can Do

First, you should start by talking with your doctor about the party drugs you use. Only then will he or she be able to advise you about the potential for harmful drug interactions. Don't forget to include your use of Viagra™ or Poppers. Speaking openly and honestly with your doctor is the only way to get sound medical advice. Your doctor may tell that you should stop using party drugs. If you're not ready to stop, don't let the conversation end there. Don't agree to do something that you're really not going to do. Ask your doctor for guidance about how you can reduce the potential for harmful interactions. Explore strategies such as cutting back the amount of party drugs you're going to use or how often you use them. Check out our HIV+ Resource Links to find out more about potential HIV medications and party drug interactions. You may want to print out some of the information to take with you on your next doctor's visit.