Why Spoil a Good Thing? - Project Neon

Why Spoil a Good Thing?

For some guys who party on a regular basis, sex without being high is hard to imagine. Some have said that having sex while they're high is the best and most enjoyable sex that they've ever had. For others, having sex while high brings about feelings of loneliness and isolation. Whether you feel one way or the other, one thing is certain: some guys who fuck when they're high forget about using condoms & lube. Often, guys who don't use rubbers regret or feel bad about what they've done after they come down.

Whether you are having the most intense sex of your lifetime or just tricking at the baths, infecting or getting infected with HIV or other STDs will impact your ability to have healthy sex in the future. Is a rubberless fuck going to be worth a trip to the STD clinic if you pick up a nasty case of gonorrhea? Why spoil a good thing? Better to reduce your chances of getting an STD and keep those pleasant memories of the great sex you've had.