ADD - Project Neon


I know a lot of speed users who have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD). Is it a coincidence?

Attention Deficit Disorder is a behavioral disorder. Without treatment, many people with ADD often have trouble staying focused, are easily distracted, or are physically restless. Sounds like being high, doesn't it? Well, for many crystal users who have ADD, some stimulants like crystal actually have the opposite effect. Instead of becoming hyperactive or "tweaky," they actually calm down and become more relaxed and focused. This is why Riatlin, a close amphetamine cousin, is often prescribed to treat ADD.

Many crystal users who have ADD also have emotional struggles as well. Many are very self-conscious about their hyperactivity and often feel very depressed about it. Many feel angry when people assume or accuse them of being high or tweaking when they really aren't. They may only feel "normal" when they're high and very "abnormal" when they're not.

It doesn't take long for someone experimenting with crystal to find out that stimulants can sometimes make these troubling symptoms go away for awhile. At first, using crystal may not be about getting high, but about getting "normal." Good old-fashioned addiction, however, can easily grab hold. If you have ADD, or think you have it, talk to your doctor. There are more effective drugs than street-produced methamphetamine for treating it.

Will "Ritalin kids" become addicted to meth later on?

This is a common myth, but not entirely true. Taking Ritalin as a child does not guarantee you will become addicted to methamphetamine, or any other stimulant, as an adult. Addictions develop for many reasons. While it makes sense why adults with ADD might find stimulants appealing, nothing dictates who will become "addicted." Plenty of adults who took Ritalin as children (or who still do) never even experiment with street drugs or use them regularly.