Anxiety - Project Neon


How does crystal contribute to anxiety? Anxiety usually means feeling intense worry, fear, stress or irritability. Some people also have physical symptoms like trembling, heart palpitations, headaches, nausea, or muscle tension. There are two ways crystal can contribute to anxiety.

First, crystal depletes the chemicals in your brain that help stabilize your mood. At the same time, crystal increases the chemicals that bolster alertness, vigilance, and response. So this imbalance between calm and tension can certainly lead to anxiety.

Secondly, using any drug on a regular basis can create a lot of stress in your life. Problems with money, relationships, jobs, housing, legal situations, and physical health all are common results of drug use. If you are experiencing more problems or stress in your life, this may be a sign that your use is getting out of control.

My moods are like a rollercoaster lately. What's going on?

Could be a lot of things - more life stress, changes in brain chemistry, lack of regular sleep or proper nutrition, etc. All of these things can greatly affect your moods. It is common for crystal users to feel like emotional yo-yos. In fact, irregular mood patterns are common among most drug users. This is especially true even after you quit using and stay abstinent for a while. Mood swings can be a sign that your brain is trying to balance its own chemistry again - by itself and without drugs. It's a normal part of the recovery process.

What can I do about mood swings?

First of all, getting high again to fix the problem will only continue the problem. Instead, look at your physical health. Are you getting enough sleep and eating enough nutritious foods? Eating lots of sugar or drinking lots of caffeine will also create highs and lows! Regular sleep is critical!

Then, look at your use patterns. Is your use increasing or causing more stress or conflict in your life? Where can you build more balance into your life? If you can't cut down or quit using for a while, can you reduce some stress in your life?

Why can't I seem to control my anger anymore?

Again, there can be many reasons. One of those reasons could be a drug habit that's getting out of control. Or a stack of life problems that just keeps growing. No matter what the reason, uncontrollable anger is a dangerous concern. It can lead to you seriously harming yourself or others around you. And you could even land into criminal or legal trouble. So before your anger gets too out of control, seek help. Talk with a drug or mental health counselor. Talk with friends, family - anyone you trust to give you honest feedback or guidance.