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Crystal and Sex

sex.pngWhen it comes to sex, crystal is a drug of contradictions. Some men use crystal to boost their sex drive, prolong sex play and delay orgasm. But many men also experience "crystal dick" (can't keep a hard-on). For guys who do keep hard, the delay of orgasm can last too long and become painful. The sexual effects of crystal are probably related to the way hormones and neurotransmitters - two types of body chemicals - interact with each other.

Generally speaking, sexually charged images, thoughts and places cause the body to produce sex hormones - chemicals that increase sexual arousal and excitement. Crystal, on the other hand, causes the release of neurotransmitters - nervous system chemicals that boost energy and concentration. If a person uses crystal in a sexually charged environment, neurotransmitters combine with sex hormones to boost sexual arousal and performance. But over the course of a high, levels of these chemicals shift and change.

The result is not always ideal. High levels of certain neurotransmitters actually impede arousal and performance. The result is crystal dick and delayed orgasm.


  • Almost half (47%) of gay or bisexual men in Washington State who inject crystal have HIV or AIDS.
  • Crystal dick makes it more likely that a man will take the role of "bottom" (receptive anal partner). The bottom is at higher risk for HIV, other viral infections, bacterial infections and tissue damage. That's why condoms are recommended for anal sex.
  • Through prolonged sexual activity, tissues of the penis, anus and throat can get damaged. If damaged tissue is exposed to blood or semen, it's much easier for HIV or other harmful organisms to enter the body.
  • Some men become dependent on crystal and can no longer have sex without it.
  • In spite of having "hot sex" while using crystal, many men end up feeling socially isolated, disconnected, distrustful and empty.