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Written by Rone, for the NEON Peer Educator Blog

I have often heard people who don't use drugs say very negative things about people who use. And of course, I just dismissed most of it because of it just didn't fit with MY friends. Well that all changed when I met my third lover, who was a very good looking man.

I thought it was great that most of my friends really thought my boyfriend was hot. What wasn't so hot was that when they got high, they gave in to their wrongful wants and needs. Just about all of my friends at that time had sex with my other half, again and again behind my back.

I was shocked because even when I got really fucked up, and horny to the point where my balls were about to pop, and I was around my friends' boyfriends, I may have lusted for them but I knew that it would be wrong; my friendships were not worth messing up just because I didn't want to control myself.

I've since given up most of those friends, and my lover at that time. Being a peer educator, has really given me the change to tell my contacts that it's okay to get high and horny, but, why give up a long time close friend, just to suck their boyfriend's dick? Is it worth it? How many friendships have been destroyed and what kind of person does that make you? After all, there are plenty of dicks out there...

Also, I've seen people, after doing their hits, stand in front of the windows and doorways of their apartment houses, naked, jacking off, walking down the street with a hard-on in plain view.
Some have even started jacking off over at someone's house they just met, anywhere in the house without asking.

Some people just don't bother to realize that this behavior gives drug users a bad reputation. So, I've made it my duty to make folks aware of this.

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