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Flightless Bird

My Wings are not vestigial-
although I am a flightless Bird
They are in perfect working order
You'll have to take me at my word
My wings beat strong and true.
I beat them every night and day
it is all that I can do
for on the earth I wish to stay.
I flap them in reverse-sort of, kind of
And this is the way
I keep my feet firmly on the ground.
You see-I am a flightless bird
A being of such incredible light
that just to walk or stand or sit around
requires my every force of might.
Perhaps when I'm weak or old or grey...
or merely tired of the fray
I may seek to rest or respite...
Surely I will float away
Whether it be day or night.
You see... I am a flightless Bird.
It really doesn't matter
if you don't take me at my word
my Ego will not shatter
Under heaven is where I belong,
with the trees and people and song
and in that song I sing-
"I have not a broken Wing!"

Alex K.
March 5th, 1995

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