One Brick - Tweakroom

One Brick

From the Crystal and Violence series.

Last year, after a four day run, I hit my next door neighbor in the head with a brick because I thought she was coming after me with a gun. She wasn't hurt too bad, but I got charged with assault. I had never been arrested before and spent time in jail. I told the judge I was high and had a problem with crystal, so I got my sentence reduced by agreeing to go to treatment.

I couldn't believe what I did. I'm a pretty quiet and shy person, but I don't know what happened. It's like I just snapped. I was just a fucking lunatic-- and all because of speed. I never, ever thought I could be like one of those psycho freaks who shoot up their trailer parks or beat up their kids. It really scared me that my crystal use had taken me to that point. But the sad thing is - it didn't stop me from using. I lasted two months after treatment and jail, then went right back to using - even on probation. I guess that's pretty fucked up.

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