Rape Echoes - Tweakroom

Rape Echoes

From the Crystal and Violence series.

I met this guy in a chat room and he said he could hook me up with some good shit if I came over to his house and fucked him. So I did. After two or three quarters, the sex got rougher and rougher. He was topping me and sometimes he fucked me so hard I could feel the pain even with all that speed. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and swung around to hit him. He grabbed my hand, threw me against a chair, and tied my hands up with his belt. I knew I had to escape somehow, but I was too high to put any thoughts together. I can't really remember what happened next, but I do remember two or three other guys showing up and everyone getting high and getting into some real hard core bondage. They all fucked me while I was tied up.

And the word rape echoed through my head.

And I knew - after it was all over - there wouldn't be anything I could do about it.

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