Welcome to the NEON Library. Here you will find downloadable copies of our health brochures, which you can get from any of NEON's fabulous Peer Educators or from other Capitol Hill locations. Look for these brochures at the Capitol Hill Needle Exchange, Lifelong AIDS Alliance, Gay City Health Project, Club Seattle, Basic Plumbing, and Beyond the Closet Bookstore.


Keep Calm and Reduce Harm.JPG
Download Brochure PDF: Keep Calm and Reduce Harm.pdf File Size: 932.6 KB
Brochure Release Date: July 2013

Your METHod

Your METHod.jpg

Download Brochure PDF: Your_METHod.pdf File Size: 4.2 MB
Brochure Release Date: February 2013

Crystal, Poppers and Boner-Uppers!

Warning Brochure Final Aug17 pdf.jpgInformation about crystal meth, poppers and erectile dysfunction drug interactions for gay/bi men.

Download Brochure PDF: Warning Brochure pdf.pdf File Size: 712.8 KB
Brochure Release Date: Re-release August 2009

Meth and Your Body

A detailed brochure with information on how meth affects your body.

Download Brochure PDF: methbody0608.pdf File Size: 500.1 KB
Brochure Release Date: June 2008
Text Only Version: Meth and Your Body.

Crystal & HIV


Download Brochure PDF: crystal_hiv.pdf File Size: 161.4 KB

Text Only Version: Crystal & HIV.

Do Not Share


Download Brochure PDF: share.pdf File Size: 280.4 KB
Brochure Release Date: July 1999

All About Abscesses


Download Brochure PDF: abscesses.pdf File Size: 110.7 KB
Brochure Release Date: February 2002
Text Only Version: All About Abscesses.

Cotton: Facts and Tips


Download Brochure PDF: cottonbroc.pdf File Size: 439.1 KB
Brochure Release Date: October 2003
Text Only Version: Cotton: Facts and Tips.

Quitting Crystal - 15 Tips to help you quit or reduce your use

Quitting Crystal Brochure Final Copy.jpg

Download Brochure PDF: Quitting Crystal Brochure Final.pdf File Size: 1.8 MB
Brochure Release Date: September 2001; Re-release June 2009
Text Only Version: Quitting Crystal - 15 Tips to help you quit or reduce your use.

Viagra, Poppers & Crystal: To Mix or Nor to Mix

Information about meth and interactions with other drugs.

Download Brochure PDF: viagrapoppers.pdf File Size: 124.7 KB
Brochure Release Date: April 2001
Text Only Version: Viagra, Poppers & Crystal: To Mix or Nor to Mix.

Open Wide: Meth and Your Mouth

The brochure contains information specific to oral hygiene and meth use.

Download Brochure PDF: methmouth.pdf File Size: 337.7 KB
Brochure Release Date: September 2001
Text Only Version: Open Wide: Meth and Your Mouth.

Meth and Your Veins

How to take care of your veins!meth_and_your_veins.png

Download Brochure PDF: methveins.pdf File Size: 530.3 KB
Brochure Release Date: May 2001
Text Only Version: Meth and Your Veins.

Meth and the City

This brochure contains resources and tips to keeps users sexually safer.

Download Brochure PDF: methandthecity.pdf File Size: 438.7 KB
Brochure Release Date: June 2006

Staying Off Crystal

This brochure talks about what to expect when quitting crystal and advice for people quitting and in recovery. Includes a resource list.


Download Brochure PDF: CrystalbookWeb.pdf File Size: 904.6 KB

Questions About Crystal


Download Brochure PDF: neon_brochure.pdf File Size: 1.2 MB
Brochure Release Date: June 2007

Questions About Crystal


Download Brochure PDF: neon_brochure2003.pdf File Size: 798.9 KB
Brochure Release Date: June 2003


This brochure describes the symptoms, causes and treatment of endocarditis.

Download Brochure PDF: endocarditis.pdf File Size: 103.3 KB
Brochure Release Date: Feb 2001
Text Only Version: Endocarditis.

Eat, Drink, Sleep

This brochure gives tips on staying hydrated, energized and healthy.

Download Brochure PDF: eatdrink.pdf File Size: 320.2 KB
Brochure Release Date: Feb 2001
Text Only Version: Eat, Drink, Sleep.