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Recovery Programs at Seattle Counseling Service

Since 1969 Seattle Counseling Service has been a community resource that advocates, educates and serves to advance the social well being and mental health of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender communities. The Crystal Meth Program at Seattle Counseling specifically addresses issues faced by gay and bisexual men who use crystal. As a partner in NEON, our goal is to provide you a safe place to learn about crystal and talk about its role in your life. Each piece of the program offers something different - you choose which activities are best for you.

Unlike other treatment programs, you do not have to quit or even want to quit to get help at Seattle Counseling. Some men just want to learn safer ways of using; others need help quitting crystal completely. It's your choice. All of our crystal meth services are FREE and very confidential.

To get started, simply show up at the support group, visit our office or call for an appointment. (Ask to speak with a crystal meth counselor.) There are no waiting lists or lengthy paperwork to complete. You can start right away.

There are two main components to our program:

Individual Counseling

Our crystal meth counselors can help you with personal drug use issues, HIV/health questions, and referrals to health care, housing and financial assistance. If groups are uncomfortable for you, then one-to-one sessions may feel like a safer way to start.

Recovery Group

Our four-session recovery group with a pre-treatment workshop is designed to help you quit and stay off crystal.

Members meet twice weekly for a combination of education, motivational group support and skills building around:

  • Triggers
  • Sex and intimacy
  • Emotions
  • Relationships
  • Self image
  • Relapse prevention

This group is offered regularly. Ask our crystal meth counselors about group openings and start dates.

What's it like at Seattle Counseling Service?

Some comments from current clients:

"I tried AA but didn't feel comfortable there. The crystal group feels "real" to me. It's great being able to talk about speed and sex without feeling embarrassed. I can't do that anywhere else." - Ben

"I wasn't sure I wanted to quit...I just knew that something needed to change. My counselor helped me figure out my problems without telling me what to do. That really helped." - Robert

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