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Drug Treatment

What is it?

Treatment is an opportunity to learn about the biological, psychological, and emotional issues behind your use. Most treatment centers require you to stop using all addictive substances (including alcohol and pot) regardless of your drug of choice. The strictness of this guideline varies from program to program. In treatment, you may also learn new skills and strategies to handle cravings and prevent relapse. There are different levels of treatment depending on the intensity of your needs:

DETOX - 2-5 day stay in a medical facility where you can crash, come down or withdraw safely. The stay only takes care of your immediate physical needs and does not address the real "issues" underneath your use.

OUTPATIENT - Attendance in a structured program of group and individual counseling. Designed for those who have already completed more intensive treatment or who don't need as much assistance to quit. Patients attend day or evening sessions, but still live at home or even continue working.

INPATIENT - Usually a 21, 28, or 90 day stay in a facility where you remain 24 hours a day. Great for people who need lots of structure and a safe environment away from triggers and access to drugs.

Many programs also address mental health issues at the same time. Program components, costs, space availability, and treatment philosophy vary greatly between agencies, so shop around. (For more information, check out our Resources list. )


Do I need it?

This is a very complex question for most people and the answer is not always clear. There is also a big difference between "needing" treatment and "wanting" treatment. When the time comes to quit, some people are able to do it on their own or with some outside help from a support group or counselor. Others benefit from more intensive help. You may need to enter a formal treatment program if:
  • You've tried to quit several times on your own without success
  • You're having a problem with several drugs at once
  • Your cravings are so intense you want to be completely shut off from all access to drugs
  • You're having increasing physical and/or mental problems connected to your use

The crystal meth counselors at Seattle Counseling can help you decide if treatment is right for you and help you explore options.